New perspectives in images and films. Ohalo is made for the creation of professional footage for production companies, agencies or your enterprise.

squeezing the orange

A two-minutes collage of the many days of filming material that we have recorded during the last year or so. It hurt quite a lot and we struggled quite a bit to throw the other stuff away. But here we go! Vast. High. Horizons. Where you’ve never been. Where you will go.  In this space we find our muse and inspiration. Rise. And turn your imagination on.

moonish berlin

We caught the super moon 13-11-16. The moon, the city, the twilight all together created an splendid atmosphere.   


An overclocked experiment in low-altitude aerial filming. Strap in and enjoy the ride with ohalo - some people say it's a modern "drony" but we think it is a dark, gripping action movie.

What a wonderful day

Testing some tracking shoots, while a good friend has to push the pedals in freezing cold conditions. However, the sun is shining  ... what a wonderful day.


Torre Picada

Ahoy pirates!  While it is obvious that the cliff is pretty steep and tall, we are not sure whether the anti-pirate tower (torre picada) really adds much to its height. But hey! Since we were there again, we swiftly recorded a little drone etude - xoxo port de soller. Very truly yours, ohalo.


caught in a loop

Sometimes you have to let the pants down and run. In this case our beloved director and screenwriter Scot is taking care of that. 


Lean back and let Ohalo take you on a 5-minute uncut, weightless flight summiting of the 2600m Brecherspritz in Bavaria - shot in autumn before heavy snow falls made the peak of the brecherspitz in bavaria inaccessible for many month.


Enjoy  time- and endless loops with ohalo. You can try and count the numberless drug dealers at the traffic lights görlitzerpark, berlin.

Serra de Tramuntana

Ohalo's finalist contribution to the InterDrone film-festival in Las Vegas 2015! Fly with the cool northerly winds of Serra de Tramutana from sunrise to sunset, from the Puig Major to the northern tip of Port de Sóller.


Solely acquiring a single scene for your movie or creating a fully edited aerial film – it’s up to you.

Explore distinctive views and new perspectives.


With 20+ years of experience in graphic design and production management, Adam is able to deliver creative imagery for professional production. As a photographer, he captures detail and motion within the composition of a still image. As an aerial filmmaker, his passion for motion is unrestrained.


Having spent many years working with scientific cameras capable of detecting single photons, Thomas has gone from capturing the smallest interior to the greatest exterior with aerial photography and filmmaking. And as a patent attorney, he hasn’t lost sight of the details.

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