Striving for new perspectives in images and films. ohalo is made for the creation of professional footage for production companies, agencies or your enterprise.

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Serra de Tramuntana

Fly with the cool, northern winds of serra de tramuntana from sunrise to sunset. Blowing along the Puig Major towards the very northern end of port de soller. We cast our flying eye in each and every gust of tramuntana. Enjoy ohalo's finalist contribution to the renown interdrone film-festival in Las Vegas 2015!


Aerial film in low-altitude flight mission! Experimenting with new perspectives and little light in aerial filming with our new multicopter camera. Join in on a ride with ohalo - some people say it's a modern "drony" but we think it is a dark, gripping action movie.


Shot autumn before heavy snow falls made the peak of the brecherspitz in bavaria inaccessible for many month. Lean back and take-off for a 5 minute classy, uncut and weightless flight summiting the peak of brecherspitz (2600m) with ohalo.

Torre Picada


Solely acquiring a single scene for your movie or creating a fully edited aerial film – it’s up to you.

Explore distinctive views and new perspectives.


Adam is one of the founders of ohalo (for the other one look right). While Adam has a weakness for fine but stunning images and details, his daily job at triad is to keep things going using his 20+ years of experience in graphic design and production management. And yes - Adam loves to fly and is a passionate photographer.


Thomas has gathered years of expertise in single-photon applications in science, working with cameras that are capable to detect single photons but cost more than a middle-class car. Following his boyhood dream, he now combines his expertise in physics on optics and (very little) light with the fun and excitment of controlling remote controlled aerial vehicles. In the mean time he enjoys working as a patent attorney.

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